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Writer's Block: Talk to the animals

What would you do if your pet dog or cat suddenly started to talk to you, but nobody else could hear it? Would you assume you'd gone mad or simply be happy for the company? Would you try to convince your friends and family or would you be satisfied keeping it to yourself?

I'd have been happy to keep it to myself and be glad for my dog's company and understanding. I often wondered what she was listening to, what she was smelling, what I was missing. It would have been nice to know so I could have made her life happier.Maybe we would have walked in the woods more or taken more rides in the car. At the very least, I still wish she'd been able to say just one word: "Ouch" so I would have known when she didn't feel well or had an ache or pain.

Pg. 080

Someone: Lieutenant Commander Graeme, you're getting some nice perks aren't you? Being able to escort such a beautiful fiancée all around England---
Someone: You just landed yesterday and are already setting sail again tomorrow?
Graham: Lady Penelope has gotten quite home sick. She wants to get back to London as soon as possible.
Tyrian: Lieutenant Tyrian Persimmon reporting. You called for me?
Guy with mustache: Oh, Lieutenant! Actually...

Graham: Tyrian!
Graham: We haven't seen each other since the Royal Academy. It's Edwin Graham!

*t/n: I've chosen the spelling "Graeme" for ????, but I'm not sure if it's correct. If anyone has a better idea, please let me know.

[Sharing Manhwa] Defense Devil

This is legal manga with a twist! Mephisto Bart Kucabara is a devil's advocate. Literally! He was exiled from the demon world and can only return if he collect enough Dark Matter. He plans to achieve his goal by proving that the souls of sinners condemned to Hell are innocent, and collecting the Dark Matter from them (a sort of contingent fee I suppose). But he can't just bank the Dark Matter he collects: he has to use some or all of it often just to keep his own soul out of the hands of the Shinigami that comes to take his clients to Hell!

Defense Devil volume 1 (chapters 1-14)

Defense Devil volume 2 (chapters 15-23)

Defense Devil chapter 24

Defense Devil chapter 25

Defense Devil chapter 26

Defense Devil chapter 27

Defense Devil chapter 28

This is a different collection of short stories (horror, comedy, and slice of life) by Takahashi-sensei. It's two volumes long.

I'm just listing the titles with brief descriptions and full volume downloads here. All the stories are fully described at the Rumic World site: http://www.furinkan.com/rumictheater/manga/index.html

Volume 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?fgzvqkmiymc

"The Tragedy of P" - Have you ever wanted a pet penguin?

"The Merchant of Romance" - A few days in the life of Yukari, a young woman that has inherited her late father's run-down wedding chapel.

"House of Garbage" - A family realizes that someone seems to think that the garbage collection site is right in front of their house.

"Hidden in the Pottery" - After attending her neighbour's funeral, a young woman begins to hear odd things about her neighbour's daughter-in-law. And when she finds a bone in a plant pot....

"One Hundred Years of Love" - When an elderly woman passed away, the nurses wondered why she had a picture of a bishounen in her locket. Then the woman comes back to life to demand the return of the picture!

"Extra-Large Size Happiness" - It's great to own a house of your own. Until your mother comes to visit with an invisible gremlin in tow....

Volume 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?gzxd1mz0nzj

"The Diet Goddess" - Typical "I'm going to get thin and beautiful and win the bishounen's heart" story.

"Excuse Me For Being A Dog!" - A boy turns into a dog whenever he gets a nosebleed.

"To Grandmother's House We Go" - The chance to inherit 500,000,000 yen sounds like the best thing that ever happened in Nozomi's life! Now if she can only live long enough to claim it....

"Shake Your Buddha" - A comedy in which Buddha and a realist become celebrities debating religion vs. reality.

"The Grandfather of All Baseball Games" - A talented young baseball player trusts all his earnings to his grandfather. Not such a good idea as it turns out.

"Reserved Seat" ((Invitation to Takarazuka) - Good reasons not to diss your departed Granny! ^_____^

"One or Double" - What's a girl to do when she's possessed by a man - literally? A story of ghosts, possession, and kendo.

"Happy Talk" - What do you do when you learn the mother you thought was long dead is actually alive and working in Shinjuku?

"Winged Victory" - After 999 straight losses, a soccer team seriously considered disbanding. Except....

This is an entertaining series of short stories (comedy, horror, and drama) written by sensei before Ranma 1/2 and almost impossible to find! This description of the contents is from Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rumic_Worlda0:

Volume 1: http://www.mediafire.com/?mkmzn4odiiw

"Fire Tripper": A gas explosion sends young Suzuko 500 years into the past.
"Maris the Chojo": An alien policeman sees a kidnapped quadrillionaire her ticket out of debt.
"Those Selfish Aliens": Aliens and the government implant bombs in a poor individual.
"Time Warp Trouble": Warriors from feudal Japan inexplicably pop into a high-school classroom.
"The Laughing Target": When they were children, Yuzuru Shiga and his cousin Azusa Shiga were engaged, and Azusa will make sure that Yuzuru stays hers, no matter what.

Volume 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?nzzzykmemtw

"Wasted Minds (Dust Spot)": Follows a pair of two bickering government agents. (A five-part miniseries)
"The Golden Gods of Poverty": A boy's parents try to use him to make money, but they only succeed in contacting the Seven Lucky Gods who are also broke.
"The Entrepreneurial Spirit": A woman leads seminars for a get-rich quick scheme.

Volume 3: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?ztmyfnd1fmf

"That Darn Cat": Rumiko Takahashi remembers having to take care of her neighbor's cat.
"When My Eyes Got Wings": A couple befriend a sickly child with a secret and his destructive pet bird.
"Wedded Bliss": A wedded couple can only let out their tension from working all day by fighting with one another, until their neighbors threaten to have them moved.
"Sleep and Forget": A girl relives a past life involving her lover and an evil witch back from the dead in the form of a dog.
"A Cry for Help": A fairy gives a boy a frightening split personality thanks to the wind-up key she inserts in his neck.
"War Council: Student councils go to war with one another over a stamp.
"The Face Pack": A man can change his appearance at will and leads a "masters of disguise" club.

[Sharing] Monster OSTs

These OSTs are from the anime MONSTER. I've just discovered the series on SyFy's aniMonday and it is aweseome. The opening theme is particularly haunting. After a lot of searching, I found the OSTs. Please let me know if the links die!




[YAOI] Rurouni Kenshin Yaoi djs

I decided I should share my collection of yaoi RK djs here because they're so delicious and pretty hard to find. All are in Japanese unless otherwise labelled.


Aoshi Hihoukan


Baby Chicken Head

Battou Romance 3anthology

Battou Romance 9anthology

Butt Banger


Cresent Light

Full Moonlight

Gekiha Seyo

Jigoku Gokuraku

King of Loves


Kuuge no Chigiri

Love Come Back to Me

Moon Nights Education

Moon Shine (HikoxSaito)

Moon Voice

Moonlit Lovers

Obscene Night


Sanosuke x Kenshin



Tamayura No Tuki


unknown 1

unknown 2

unknown 3

unknown 4

unknown 5

unknown 6

unknown 7

unknown 8

unknown 9

unknown 10

unknown 11

unknown 12

unknown 13

unknown 14

Yarou Zanmai #3 Anthology (partial) (KenxSano) (English)

Yuki Zange
This is my first attempt at posting, etc., so forgive me for bollixing everything. I got this uploaded into the Panzer Projects folder at box.net, but couldn't get a download link. So I re-upped it to Mediafire (I fail so hard). I tried to save the edits in colour, and I don't know why they don't show up now. And I don't know how to do a proper LJ cut. (Gah, I totally FAIL.) You can download it at http://www.mediafire.com/?ojnyk2firfc or view it here:
And someone please teach me how to do this right. *whimper*

From Eroica With Love: Story 17 (part 2C-1) page 1-23
Translations by mhikaru

{Picture without text}
*NOTE TO TYPESETTER (do not put in scanlations):
*TRANSLATOR'S NOTE (do not put in scanlations):


{Picture without text}


Text: Brussels, Belgium

Klaus: I've still got urgent business in Brussels
Klaus: I'll have A and B go on ahead.
?: It's 30 minutes by car to Antwerp. I leave it in your hands, Major.


A: --huh? Something like that really happened at the Intelligence Office?
A: It'll be a huge disaster!

A: The Major will shout and get angry...
B: Therefore, the Chief will too...

A: Shh! He's coming!
Klaus: We were able to contact the informant in Antwerp.
Klaus: A and B, go there immediately.

Klaus: Piece together the information on the weapon brokers and wait for me.
Klaus: Trace what store sold "Trojan Horse" its weapon!
A: Yessir!

Klaus: I'm off to deal with the "guest" that B brought from Bonn.
B: Today, the Chief is really here on a official business trip ...
B: He has a meeting with the visiting U.S. Secretary of State.


Klaus: I heard that on the phone last night.
B: It seems he wants to talk to you about a personal matter.
Klaus: He's finally retiring?

B: N-no, it's not that...
B: Please ask him yourself.

Klaus: Then get going! Don't slack off, B!
B: Yessir!

Klaus: A phone call would have been enough for a status report.
Klaus: Why the hell is he bothering me, calling me out like this?

{Picture without text}


{Picture without text}

{Picture without text}
Klaus: The "Mannekin Piss," huh? What a hobby-- peeking at little boys pissing.
Chief: Oh, you're here.

Chief: An Intelligence Officer is supposed to serve the good citizens.

Klaus: You just look like a suspicious old pedophile.


Chief: Whenever I go to Brussels on a business trip, I always come here.
Chief: Seeing the mischievious boy, who was said to pee from his window, soothes my heart.
Klaus: Seeing that stupid, naked thing as your inner child is child abuse.

Chief: If you recall your childhood, your heart will become richer for it.
Chief: Little Klaus was a well-mannered, good boy.

Chief: Suppressing your childhood makes your personality warped.
Chief: It's not too late. Listen to your inner child.
Klaus: Then I'll do my business and piss from the window of the Intelligence Office.

Chief: URGH...*
*NOTE TO TYPESETTER (do not put in scanlations): Use SFX font, please.

Chief: You may think you’re fine with that, but your heart will be poorer!
Klaus: Chief! You weren't called to Brussels for this peeing brat!
Woman: Umm...


Chief: May I help you?

Woman: We'd like to take a picture there.
Man: All right, everyone smile!
Chief: I thought she was going to hit on me...
Klaus: Why don't you mature* a bit, Chief.
*TRANSLATOR'S NOTE (do not put in scanlations): Double entendre on the verb. Not sure if I should use "mature" or "grow old and die." What do you guys think?
[[EDITOR’S NOTE: I like “mature”; the different possible meanings sting more than “grow up” or any other more direct wording.]]

Klaus: I reported the French conspiracy over the phone.
Klaus: There was no need to meet in person.
Chief: This is important. I wanted to hear more about it in detail.

Chief: Let's go to my favorite restaurant.
Chief: Their cake is delicious.

{Picture without text}


Chief: In order for your brain to work, you need sugar. Then you can think well!

Klaus: Well then, I wish you would marinate yourself in sugar, make your brain work, and make this brief.
Klaus: Important work is waiting for me in Antwerp.

Chief: Major. Smoking is prohibited in this entire restaurant.

Klaus: [This old geezer--]
Klaus: [Did he come here just to piss me off?!]

Chief: First, let's confirm your earlier report.
Chief: The "Trojan Horse" is actually about Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists in North Africa.
Chief: They're plotting to assassinate the American Secretary of State who is visiting Germany next week.


Chief: Moreover, the French DGSE that acquired this information is keeping it top secret.
Chief: They intend to allow the assassination to occur, so that Germany and NATO will be blamed and we will lose our authority. Is this correct?
Klaus: That's Brignac's plan.

Klaus: Brignac is looking down his huge nose at us.
Klaus: "The 'Trojan Horse' can't be stopped by the likes of Germans!"--

Chief: I'm going out on a limb but...
Chief: Could Brignac be conspiring with the terrorists?

Klaus: That's impossible.

Klaus: The goal of the Islamic Fundamentalist's activity is to reject Europe-esque modern changes...
[[EDITOR’S NOTE: I want to replace “Europe-esque” with either “Eurocentric” or “European-style”; the longer term is better, if space allows.]]
Klaus: As well as reconstruct society and establish social justice according to the teachings of the Koran.
Klaus: This form of radical operations are reminiscent of a former French colony in North Africa -- these are the actions of the Algerian terrorist organization.


Klaus: Even recently, there was a terrorist bombing in the Paris subway.
Klaus: The Algerian terrorists should be a hated enemy the DGSE will use any means to destroy.

{Picture without text}

{Picture without text}

Chief: ?

Chief: Without cigarettes, do you need something to do to keep your hands busy?
Klaus: I'm Theorizing.
Chief: Ah, after meeting with me, your mind is already working better.

Klaus: Brignac's operation "Trojan Horse" began 2 years ago, when it failed.
Klaus: That operation was resurrected to be the current "Trojan Horse."
Klaus: It's plausible to think that in these past 2 years, the operation has changed.


Klaus: The only similarity is...
Klaus: North Africa's Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists.

Klaus: To fight them is the French DGSE's assignment...
Klaus: ...as well as an opportunity for the ambitious Brignac to make his name.

Klaus: To take down the terrorists, the operation Brignac started was the first "Trojan Horse."
Klaus: If we take the operation name as an analogy...
Drawing (right to left): French DGSE, (arrow) Arabian Agents, (big circle top) Islamic Fundamentalist Terrorists, (big circle bottom) North Africa, Algeria, (middle) Trojan Horse.
Klaus: A select number of Arabian-French agents infiltrate the terrorist organization.
Klaus: By killing an important member of the group, they planned to destroy the terrorists from the inside-- that was their methodology.

Chief: This type of operation is characterized by the willingness to cold-bloodedly sacrifice their own agents.
Chief: I'll never do such a thing. Don't worry.
Klaus: That's why you're the eternal Chief.
Klaus: And if you tried, all the alphabets would hand in their resignation papers.

Klaus: The reason this operation failed...
Klaus: Was it because the "Trojan Horse" was exposed and all the agents annihilated--?
Chief: Or the opposite: the enemy recruited them. Maybe they "went for wool and came home shorn."*
*TRANSLATOR'S NOTE (do not put in scanlations): Ugh, any better analogies guys? The original japanese was "they went to get a mummy and came back one themselves"... which is amusing, but not much better... >>;
[[EDITOR’s NOTE: I like this analogy. If “recruited” or “converted” is substituted for “infected”, meaning the Arabian-French agents defected (as the chief says on the next page), then the chief might say, “The French went for wool and came home shorn.” In other words, they got fleeced. I laughed. ^_^]]


Chief: If the project was a disaster, Brignac would have been close to losing his job as Vice Director.
Chief: It's common for agents to go over to the enemy's side.

Klaus: With this failure, the Vice Director is suddenly in serious danger...
Klaus: He's bet with his last breath and created the current "Trojan Horse" operation.

Klaus: His goal is to embarrass Germany and NATO--
Klaus: The tools he's using are the Islamic Fundamentalist terrorists --namely, his own turncoat agents, the "Trojan Horse."

Chief: --that's an interesting plot, but there's no evidence supporting it.
Chief: Later in this investigation, a completely different truth might be brought to light.
Klaus: That's why I said it was a theory!

Chief: What's this? Some sort of code?
klaus: ...that's Brignac.

Chief: If it's doodling, I can win against you! Hand over that pen!
Klaus: There's still more!


Klaus: In order to investigate inside information on the terrorists...
Klaus: Brignac sends in an Arab spy to infiltrate them.

Chief: Is this a light bulb?
Picture: (shiny thing) Algeria, (marshmellow thing) Brignac
Klaus: ...that's an old, bald Arab man.

Chief: That spy was bald...?
Klaus: He would contact Brignac's subordinates regularly to exchange information but--
Klaus: That baldie made a ridiculous mistake.

Klaus: He told a certain Englishman information about the "Trojan Horse."
Dorian's Face: ANONYMOUS*
*TRANSLATOR'S NOTE (do not put in scanlations): Seriously tempted by 4chan jokes to stamp "ANON" on Dorian's face! XD
[[EDITOR’S NOTE: Seriously tempted as well! *very big evil grin*]]
Klaus: That certain man told me and now I understand the terrorists' plans.

Chief: Does that Englishman wish to remain anonymous?
Klaus: For someone like that, anonymity is more than enough!
Chief: Someone like what?

Klaus: He's exactly like Lawrence.
Chief: Ohh...


Klaus: That anonymous Englishman was again mistaken for a French spy by the terrorists and was chased around for a bit.
Klaus: But he went home to London -- how fortunate.

Klaus: --Brignac, through this baldie,
Klaus: would also have been able to give the terrorists information.

Klaus: By insinuating a few things...
Klaus: He can steer the terrorist group as if by remote control for the benefit of France.

Klaus: Therefore, the plan to assassinate the U.S. Secretary of State in Germany...
Klaus: ...can be thought of as Brignac instigating the terrorists to make their move.


Chief: That French bastard might really have done it!
Chief: We have to ascertain the truth no matter what!
Klaus: It'd be over immediately if we could hack into the "Trojan Horse" operation in the computer room.

{Picture without text}

Chief: Computers are unreliable!
Chief: They break immediately!
Chief: In intelligence work, contact with other humans is crucial!

Klaus: It's troubling if the Intelligence Agency Chief is so analog.
Chief: Computers aren't better than Iron Klaus' brain...!
Chief: Your theory was full of very useful suggestions!

Chief: Our business is done! Well, let's leave. I'm sorry I called you out.
Klaus: Chief...?

Klaus: To think that the Chief wouldn't finish his cake...?


{Picture without text}

Chief: When I get back to Bonn, I'll talk with the Constitutional Defense Agency about preventive measures.
Chief: We have to consider mobilizing the GSG9.
Note on bottom: GSG9: Special Anti-Terrorist Armed Forces

Chief: You will immediately pinpoint the location of the terrorists.
Klaus: Yessir.

Klaus: --so, what was that about a personal matter?
Chief: A-ahh... you're busy, right? W-well, I'll tell you one of these days...

Chief: Hurry and go to Antwerp!
Chief: It's almost time for my train...

Klaus: B already gave it away.


{Picture without text}

Chief: Y-you know already...?!

Chief: Eberbach, my boy~~~~!!!
Klaus: Wah!
Chief: Forgive me! I didn't do it on purpose~~~!

Klaus: W-what? I feel sick.
Chief: But the next one will be the newest model!

Chief: When you return to Bonn,
Chief: A brand new computer will be sent over!

{Picture without text}



Klaus: ..............did you break it?..............
Klaus: ..............it can't be repaired...........
Klaus: How---------?!


Chief: When I grabbed the machine, the cord got caught on my leg by chance.
Chief: ...it seemed like it would fall on me, so I grabbed it and threw it as hard as I could.
Chief: It was just reflex.

Klaus: [You fucking caveman--!!!]

Klaus: ...I liked that computer...!
Klaus: It was a hard-working, efficient machine that could even stand being overworked!
Klaus: How dare you...!

Chief: You're not worried about me at all...
Chief: I was going to be injured!
Chief: As I thought, you have a machine fetish*!
*TRANSLATOR'S NOTE(do not put in scanlations): Not sure if we should use this or "machine maniac."
[[EDITOR’s NOTE: Oh please, use “fetish”! It’s accurate in one sense and the entendre is too funny not to use it. XD]]
Klaus: That's not the problem here!!


Klaus: What were you doing in my seat?!
Chief: ......
Klaus: You're always spying on me!!

Klaus: Let's install an anti-Chief sensor at the entrance of the Intelligence Office!
Klaus: When it detects you approaching, it'll release a high-voltage electrical current that'll stop you from entering the room.

Chief: Is that the attitude to use with your superior--?!
Klaus: I can't afford to be careless around you!
Klaus: If I let you run loose, you'll interfere with my work!

Chief: Do you have a backup disk of the computer...?
Klaus: Re-inputting the data will take time and work.

Chief: You should leave it to the computer lab...
Klaus: It's mostly highly confidential information.

Klaus: After the mission is over, I want to open the new computer myself.
Chief: I'm apologizing, just like this. Please don't be mad forever, ok?
Klau: Don't touch the computer or me with your greasy hands!


Chief: You're probably plotting to assassinate me.....
SFX: Hmph

Klaus: I have an important mission to work on.
Klaus: I'll take my leave.

Chief: [Because I said I was wrong and apologized, you got so full of yourself!]
Chief: [Your outright contemptuous attitude is unforgivable!]
Chief: [I can fire you at anytime--!!]

Chief: [Someone like the Major shouldn't be in NATO Intel!]
Chief: [......]

Chief: One who has too-capable subordinates is lonely...


Klaus: [What the hell sort of Intelligence Officer has a superior who breaks his subordinate's computer because he's a voyeur?!]
Klaus: [I really liked that machine too!]

Klaus: [I had an extensive amount of information on it.]

Klaus: [How dare he hold me back like this!]
Klaus: [The idiot--!!]
Klaus: [That cunning French bastard is setting up his evil plan as we speak.]
Klaus: [This isn't the time for him to be retarded!]

Klaus: [What would become of NATO Intelligence if I wasn't here--]

Klaus: [--is this how the Chief cunningly planned for me to react?]
Klaus: [No, he's just an incompetent superior.]

Klaus: [Rather than get angry at an idiot,]
Klaus: [I need to concentrate on the job ahead of me.]


Klaus: To Antwerp. Please hurry.
Driver: Get in.

Klaus: [My job is to stop the "Trojan Horse."
Driver: Smoking is prohibited.
Klaus: Is that so...

{Picture without text}

{Picture without text}

James: "A flight to Paris"?
James: We're not going home to London?

These are all the English-language scanlations I've collected so far. Chapter 3 is now a scanlation! Excuse me for not saying more; I've got to spontaneously combust now. *BOOM*

Vassalord Volume 1

chapter 1 (in two parts)

chapter 2 (in three parts)

chapter 3 (now a scanlation!)

Vassalord Volume 2

chapter 4

chapter 5

chapter 6

Vassalord Volume 3

chapter 7

chapter 8

chapter 9